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While many people understand what an air conditioner is there is a vast majority of individuals who do not know what dehumidifiers are. A dehumidifier is a device that is utilized to reduce the level of humidity in a particular space or interior environment. In an enclosed area, the most average air humidity is between 30 and 49%. The outer ranges of this measurement can create an uncomfortable environment for individuals to inhabit. By having too much humidity in an interior space, the occupants will be prone to sweating and there will be excessive dampness in the environment around you. This dampness is not only hazardous to your health through the creation of mold and mildew but it has a tendency to damage equipment and furnishings. By using a dehumidifier, individuals can successfully and efficiently reduce the level of water vapor in the air and bring the indoor humidity down to an acceptable level.

 For many people and regular home users, a standard air dehumidifier may be a sufficient device. Most of these dehumidification systems will be low end units and be referred to as commercial or standard dehumidifiers.  However for a space that is already heated and cooled a more efficient option would be an LGR dehumidifier.  An LGR dehumidifier is a low grain refrigerant dehumidifier. These function by pre cooling the air that is drawn in over the coils. This pre-cooling step gets the air closer to the dew point so more water can be taken out of the air than with your air conditioner or a standard dehumidifier.  These LGR dehumidifiers can operate more efficiently which translates to lower operating costs for the user. Other dehumidifier systems like standard or commercial refrigerant dehumidifiers and in home air conditioners will only pass the air over the coils once thus making them not nearly as efficient as a LGR dehumidifier.

 Proper indoor humidity control is an important factor in addressing the quality of air in a space. Although there are many options to choose from, standard dehumidifiers are not as efficient or as suitable as LGR dehumidifiers when used in most applications. Standard dehumidifiers may be suitable for small spaces. However, professional systems are regularly used for commercial applications and large-scale projects. In addition to this, they have been specifically designed to function in these open environments. Standard dehumidifiers may not be suitable for a warehouse for instance. When choosing the dehumidifier that is right for you, you should always consult with a trained professional. They will be able to guide you in the right direction and assist you in determining whether or not you can complete the process on your own or if you need the services of a professional. When it comes to dehumidification systems, remember that standard devices are not necessarily applicable for commercial use. When you need a dehumidifier a low grain refrigerant unit may be the best choice for your larger scale operation, indoor pool, warehouse, museum, library, locker room, health club, manufacturing facility, or almost any other space.

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This article was published on Sunday 05 August, 2012.

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