Why A Basement Dehumidifier is a Must Have Appliance

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A basement dehumidifier is a must have appliance for many households.  Why?  Because it is one of the best ways to keep your basement dry and comfortable.  Excessive dampness and smelly odors are caused by high humidity in your home, and a basement dehumidifier will help keep them under control.

High indoor humidity is a serious threat to both your health and your home's.  The moisture can damage basement walls, all types of furniture, and many other belongings.  In certain cases, wet or damp basements can even damage the foundation, putting your entire home's structural integrity at risk.  If the basement area is not kept dry, mold and mildew will begin to grow.  These are the problems that are dangerous for your health.  Left unchecked, they will produce tons of bacteria that will float around your home in the area, inflaming any allergies you might have and exposing you to potentially toxic bacteria.

If you have wooden floors in your home, a basement dehumidifier is one of the best investments you can make.  The excess moisture can severely damage wood, including any wooden furniture, and potentially cause it to swell, buckle, or even rot.  Avoid these dangerous risks and keep your home safe and dry, it’s a no-brainer.

Basements are also prone to flooding.  Whether it be a bit of water after heavy rain, or regular seasonal flooding with a few inches of water, proper disaster recovery is absolutely necessary.  It is so important because, even after removing any standing water, the area remains damp.  This dampness then evaporates and makes its way to the ceilings, the walls, and pretty much everywhere else nearby.  A basement dehumidifier will take care of this lingering wetness, with almost no work from you.  Just set it up where the water is evaporating and it will do its job and pull the moisture out of the air before it gets a chance to affect your home.  The portable models are the best for this specific situation, as it can be easily relocated to fit your needs.  Portable models will generally have small casters and maybe even a handle for ease of transport.  Some other more stationary models may or may not come with casters and will not have a handle.  These features could be important if you plan on moving it often.

This is also an extremely easy to use device, with features that save you time and energy.  For instance, most portable models come with a drain spot on the back, so you can attach a hose and direct the accumulated water from the machine anywhere you need to, like a drain or sewer.  This will save you tons of work as you won't have to travel up and down the stairs constantly to empty the collected water. Some models may also come with a humidistat that will turn on / off the unit depending on the humidity level in the room.  This would help save energy over a model that just has an on /off switch.

With all these excellent benefits, from damage prevention to good health maintenance, a basement dehumidifier is an appliance every homeowner should own.

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This article was published on Wednesday 01 August, 2012.

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