Why Axial Air Movers are Better at Drying Most Things

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Why Axial Air Movers are Better for Drying Most Things

Axial air movers are better at drying walls than other air movers because of their structural design. There are basically two types of air movers. Centrifugal-also referred to as turbo air movers and axial air movers. Although both types of air movers are necessary, axial air movers are useful for over 70% of various domestic and industrial applications while turbo air movers account for only 30%. Turbo air movers are ideal for under cabinets after the toekicks have been removed and other low profile areas where the air needs to specifically directed.  They can also be used for drying carpets by creating direct airflow underneath the carpeting with high static pressure and easily lifts heavy wet carpets but consumes a lot of power in the process.  This method may also damage the carpet.

Axial air movers are best suited for top-down drying.  This method is used to completely dry structures without tearing things up.  So carpet, pad, and walls can be dried in place.  They are designed with a tube like structure and large diameters that successfully generate up to 3 times more airflow than turbo air movers. Axial air movers also draw less amps than centrifugal air movers.  Another great advantage of axial air movers is their ability to be stacked on top of each other when storing them.  This allows them to take up less space in a warehouse or truck when not in use.

Typical Axial Air movers can move 3000+ cubic feet of air per minute. These high speed blasts offer greater air velocities compared to other types of blowers, allowing the velocities to be focused over 0 to 23.5 feet. The air flow can be directed towards problematic corners and successfully dries surfaces preventing occurrence of moisture invasion problems such as mold and fungi or structural damage.

Axial air movers are also low on noise and come with various features including a 20ft AC cord with cord management for easy movement, on board power management with GFCI protection to provide the highest levels of operator safety in wet conditions, and easy interlocking for easy stacking during storage and handling.

The lightweight and compact linear low density polyethylene (LLDP) housing that covers the axial air movers is chemical resistant, durable and stacks conveniently for storage. These units weigh less than 25lbs, have a great ergonomic handle for ease of carrying, and some models even have a light on them so you can easy tell whether it is on in low light drying situations.

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This article was published on Sunday 16 December, 2012.

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