5 Top Ways to Use A Dehumidifier

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Dehumidifiers have been on the market for years and are a great little appliance for a number of uses. They can be used in a number of domestic and industrial ways and are an appliance that literally extracts the humidity (moisture) from the air and collects it in a tank for either disposing of later or recycling through a water filterer or water butt. Here are our top 5 ways to use one of these super little devices.

1: Heating
Yes that's right, the dehumidifier is actually a heater. Since it extracts water vapour from the air which naturally acts as a coolant, then blows warm air out; it is actually heating the air around you.
The next time you buy a portable heater, consider one of these instead.

2: Construction Work
They are also great for small scale building work like plastering and painting, or brickwork. Since the main enemy of plastering is water and humidity, getting a render wall to dry in a wet country during the winter can be near impossible. It's sometimes been said that hot air heaters are best, the problem with this is that it simply draws the moisture out of the building work and circulates it, it doesn't get rid of it.

3: Condensation
There are many reason why homes suffer from condensation, no air bricks in the building during construction, badly fitted windows, double glazing with no venting. It might even be an underlying problem with the damp course causing moisture to build up to high levels. Either way a dehumidifier can help with this and draw the moisture from the whole building given enough time.

4: Eco Tumble Dryer
Tumble dryers are super, but lets face it the noise, smell and moisture they pump out isn’t. Some people now are opting for a dehumidifier instead. They hang the clothes in the laundry room or utility room and simple let the machine do the work, not only drying the clothes without the noise and cost of running a dryer, but also putting clean warm air into the room too. The method is also eco friendly since you are heating the house not wasting heat through a vent.

5: Health
Too much humidity on the air you breathe is bad for you, its bad for asthmatics, and sufferers of emphysema, it's also shown that bed bugs and mite rates triple if the humidity level goes above 50%, and since most if not all dehumidifiers have settings to regulate the amount of humidity it is regulating. They are a superb way to keep the air at natural levels and keep everyone safe in your home.
Whatever you chose to buy, model, make, power output, you can be sure that the machine will be a great benefit to you and the household. Or even if you chose to use one as part for your business, the range is mind boggling and there is something to suit every budget and need.

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This article was published on Sunday 12 August, 2012.

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