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Sometimes I feel like the planet Earth wasn’t designed for humans to live on without portable air conditioning units strapped to their backs.  I have a friend from Northern Alberta in Canada where the weather regularly drops to -40 degrees and lower during the long winters.  You almost need that personal portable air conditioner unit on your shoulders to be heaters too because minus forty is minus forty in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and it is just awfully darn cold.

Conversely, he would spend much of his time in the rural areas of Southeast Asia and there the temperature often hits 90°+.  I mentioned the word ‘rural’ intentionally because where he stays is not in hotel rooms with built in air conditioners.  He only wishes he could live here on earth as if he were on Mars wearing an insulated space suit that would warm me at night and offer me a portable air conditioning comfort during the hot days.

Oh well, those are just my science fiction musings.  Until our human civilization is technologically advanced enough to transform our own planet to into a place with a more temperate climate for our optimum comfort level we have to make do.

Making do for me means having a portable air conditioner to haul around with me.  In Northern Canada you need to have a heater in your truck and make sure that any igloo you stay in has a heater too.  It is great to also have portable air conditioning in your truck in Asia to help keep you cool.  Since it’s not practical to install air conditioning in every room where you sleep in, work in or live in, I employ a range of portable air conditioning options.

A simple fan provides a minimal of air conditioning in a pinch.  For an extra shot of cooling action I can wipe my body with a damp cloth.  As the water evaporates it has to absorb heat that it takes away from my skin.  That is some very simple science of natural temperature conditioning that you can live comfortably with in the most remote and hot corners of this planet.

Going a step further with the physical property of water changing form to vapor and drawing heat to complete the state change process involves putting a mist into the fan’s airflow.  This is low tech but very portable air conditioning.

One can also purchase a transportable air conditioning unit that supplies the same high volume and high BTU chilled air output as an installed air conditioner.  These portable air conditioning units are bigger than a breadbox but I can easily haul it around in the box of my pickup.  I just roll it into place and plug it in to give me the same indoor climate as in a 4-star hotel even when I’m staying in a zero star room with a tin roof overhead.

Futuristic tech comfort suits designed to combat the climate extremes here on the hostile and wild planet Earth aren’t available quite yet.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have comfort enough with a portable air conditioning system.

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This article was published on Sunday 19 May, 2013.

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