Mobile / Portable Air Conditioning Units

Mobile or portable air conditioning units can give both home and business owners the comfort of a powerful cooling system, without the cost associated with HVAC systems. Movable cooling systems offer a level of convenience that other options cannot, and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. This makes movable cooling systems some of the most versatile available, allowing owners to take more control over their space without having to dedicate a great deal of effort in the process.

Stay Cool Everywhere

Clearly, the primary benefit of a movable cooling system is that it can be moved. That’s obvious, but cannot be overstated. Most HVAC units are not particularly efficient, as they are either not powerful enough to cool what needs to be cooled, or they are too powerful and waste energy every time they are switched on. In response to this common problem, more and more property owners have switched to zoned cooling, which provides climate control to a single room. Using zoned cooling, property owners can control temperatures only where they need to be controlled, reducing power consumption and keeping things comfortable.

But where do movable cooling systems enter into this picture? In short, they are the most attractive zoned cooling technology on the market, for several reasons. For example:

  1. Only portable cooling systems can be moved from room to room. Zone cooling that relies on window units does save power, but it is less viable if the entire property is used at once. For residential properties with large families or commercial properties that are fully staffed – window units are not the ideal fix. Portable cooling systems can be zoned throughout a home or business, allowing property owners additional flexibility in keeping their buildings comfortable.
  2. Portable cooling systems do not interfere with HOA sticklers. Homeowners’ Associations have a reputation of being difficult to deal with, and this is certainly true for any homeowner that has tried to install a window unit for their home. HOAs typically demand uniformity between properties, and a window unit is something that will stick out, as it is visible from the road. Portable cooling systems, though, are contained inside the property, with only a small port for venting warm air attached to the window frame. Most port designs remain flush with the window, and this will keep the HOA at bay.
  3. Portable systems are perfect for rooms that get heavy use. Every homeowner has a room or three that don’t get much use. That guest bedroom that’s rarely full, that study where there isn’t much studying going on, that bathroom that no one likes – it costs money to keep these rooms climate controlled by a traditional system. With portable air conditioners, though, only the rooms that need to be cooled will be cooled, reducing strain on the building’s HVAC unit and greatly reducing energy expenditure.
  4. Portable air conditioners can also help with humidity. As a side-effect of air conditioning, most systems will also remove humidity from the air. However, there are many portable air conditioners that have a dedicated dehumidifying function built in, and this can make rooms even more comfortable. This is especially helpful to many people with asthma, as greater levels of humidity can make it more difficult to breathe and trigger symptoms.
  5. Portable air conditioners are ideal for commercial properties too. The idea of a portable air conditioner is one of small size, which would seem to rule it out as a solution for commercial needs. This is far from the truth, though, as portable cooling systems can also keep an entire warehouse comfortable for workers. Portable coolers are ideal for server rooms, where there is usually a lot of heat in a small space, and rooms with sensitive electrical equipment, where dehumidifying can keep the equipment in good operating order.

Zoned cooling is an emerging solution for many property owners, and portable air conditioners are the best example of what the technology can do. Fortunately, it’s accessible to nearly everyone, as it is cost-effective, easy to install and easy to manage.

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