Mobile Air Conditioning Units

People want to feel fresh cool air especially during hot days and humid nights. Purchasing mobile air conditioning units is one of their best choices to make this happen. Some people can’t afford to compromise the structure of their house just to install a cooling unit. They can just purchase a mobile air conditioning unit that serves the same purpose.

What is a mobile air conditioning unit?

This kind of cooling unit is placed on some wheels or casters that make it easy to transport. It is mostly used at home or in the office. Most homeowners prefer to buy this kind of air conditioning unit because of its easy installation and it can be transported from one particular room to another.

Types of mobile air conditioning units

This appliance has two types – the evaporative and the refrigeration type. You can choose which type of cooling unit is the most suitable for your place.

Refrigeration style units can be in a split or hose system. They use air to exchange heat. A split system features an indoor unit, which is connected to another unit outside with flexible pipes. On the other hand, the hose system releases the heated air through air ducts, which can be an air-to-air or a monoblock type. An air-to-air type re-evaporates the water and releases it through the hose. A monoblock type gathers the excess water of the unit in a bucket. An air-to-air type can run all the time while a monoblock type automatically stops when the bucket gets full.

There are also single-duct or dual-duct units that you can choose from. A single-duct unit sucks the air in a room to cool down the condenser and release the air outside. The air in the room will be replaced by other hot air from other rooms, but this reduces the effectiveness of the unit. A dual-duct unit is better than a single-duct. It sucks the air outside the room to cool the condenser from the outside that makes it more effective than the single-duct unit.

Another type of cooling unit is the evaporative air coolers or swamp coolers. It doesn’t have any condenser. The liquid water is evaporated on the cool fins that release the vapor into the cooling area. It uses the sweating mechanism of humans and animals to cool the area.

Benefits from mobile air conditioning units

1.       These units help in reducing your electricity bill. It only cools a single room, so it uses less energy. Some models can also help in reducing your bills. It is because some models use more advanced condensers that can easily cool the temperature.

2.       Most of these units have other functions aside from cooling the temperature. They dehumidify and purify the air during the summer and it can also serve as a heater during winter.

3.       These also serve the same purpose like the traditional window air con units. These allow you to set the temperature of the room and choose from the operation modes. It also comes with a remote control that will give you ease in operating the unit.

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This article was published on Saturday 11 May, 2013.

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