Installing A Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

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Swimming pool dehumidifiers help to rid indoor pool areas of excess moisture that can damage the wood structure of rooms and prevent build up of mold and mildew behind baseboards and other areas of the room. Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked areas of building an indoor pool is allowing for the increase in humidity that creates conditions allowing mold to grow. You can solve this problem as well as other potential hazards by installing swimming pool dehumidifiers.

Mold in particular can be quite problematic for you and your family. The growth of mold can cause allergies and often worse reactions that affect the health of those in the home. Mold thrives in rooms with an excess of humidity and can grow rapidly in the extra moisture that develops. Furthermore, ridding your pool area of mold may be harder than you might think. While mold that is exposed on floor, table and other ground level surfaces may seem easy to clean, the mold that grows behind walls and under the floor can require gutting the room entirely in order to rid it of the mold. This can cost thousands of dollars and not guarantee that the mold has been fully removed.

Installing swimming pool dehumidifiers means that you have a small device that takes the moisture in the air that is the water evaporating from the pool and removing the excess moisture. The fans inside swimming pool dehumidifiers pull the air from the room and run it over cold coils that cause the moisture to condense. This condensation then drains out through a small pipe located at the bottom of the dehumidifier. This simple process removes the excess moisture and keeps your indoor pool at a comfortable level of normal humidity.

Of course, you can aid your efforts to rid your indoor pool area of excess humidity by keeping it well maintained. Regular cleaning of the pool and removing of excess water that has splashed out on the floor area will not only keep the humidity down, but also make the indoor pool area safer for your friends and family. Unfortunately, this is usually not enough especially if the windows are closed because it’s either too hot or cold outside to leave them open. The heating of the water will cause evaporation which results in too much humidity. This means that swimming pool dehumidifiers are a must for you to maintain proper humidity levels in your indoor pool as well as your home.

Swimming pool dehumidifiers are also recommended for indoor hot tubs as well. The heat from even a small hot tub can quickly fill the air with humidity. You can help keep humidity levels down when the hot tub is not in use by covering it, but when it is in use the humidity levels rise sharply. Covering your hot tub will also mean that your dehumidifier will work less to maintain proper levels of humidity, saving you money on your electrical bill.

Selecting the right size of swimming pool dehumidifiers will depend on a number of factors such as the size of the room, its relationship to the home, the roof structure, number of windows and so forth which means that it’s best to consult with a professional who knows all the answers when it comes to selecting the right size dehumidifier unit for your swimming pool or hot tub area.

This article was published on Sunday 09 September, 2012.

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