Indoor Pool Environments and Dehumidifiers

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Indoor pool environments and dehumidifiers


Proper air environment control through the use of an indoor pool dehumidifier is essential when dealing with these high humidity environments. With the availability of the commercial solutions from Thermastor, homeowners and contractors now have a low cost, low energy, high efficiency solution to their needs. These indoor dehumidification systems are designed to effectively control the moisture loads in pool rooms. The technology that these systems use is based upon a heat transfer and innovation that can dramatically improve its performance. This combination creates a device that is perfect for large-scale contractors and suitable for application in the home.

The control and effective management of the levels of humidity in your spa or pool room can often times be a challenge. These rooms are essentially humidified especially in cooler climates as you will need to heat the water to a more comfortable temperature. The last thing anyone wants to do is jump into an ice cold pool in the middle of winter. While you will typically employ a pool heater as the most efficient mechanism to heat the water, this process will ultimately create an excess of humidity in the air. While there are a number of different problems that high air humidity can lead to including health issues for you and your family, having the proper systems in place is essential. People tend to forget that the problem is compounded when heated water evaporates into the air. The chemicals that they utilize to chlorinate and disinfect the water also evaporate into the air. The last thing you would want your family to inhale is an excessive amount of evaporated chlorine and disinfect. An excess amount of these chemicals can cost you in repairs and damage. Using an adequate indoor pool dehumidifier that is custom designed to stabilize the air environment will be one of the best investments for the space.

When assessing these recreational locations it is recommended that the relative humidity is managed to maintain a level of approximately 50 to 60%. This can ensure that a comfortable environment is created for all of the occupants of the room. Thankfully with the indoor pool dehumidifier systems that are available on the market today, there is much more control available to the operator has levels can be set and managed appropriately. Not taking into account how important the use of these systems can be in keeping the indoor environment managed can be extremely costly for the owner of the space. With the commercial solutions from HI-E, a heat transfer technology will be a huge benefit as this innovative technology will allow dehumidification process to occur using much less energy. Don't fall into the trap of over complicating the situation and trying to find a solution that will end up being overkill. The last thing you want to do is not only pay considerably more than you have to for your specific unit but increase your energy costs exponentially. When looking for the most appropriate unit for your needs, check out some of the indoor pool dehumidifier solutions available from HI-E. They will aid you in keeping your indoor pool area comfortable and safe.

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This article was published on Saturday 21 July, 2012.

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