Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers

Are you thinking of building an indoor pool?  Are you wondering how to control the humidity inside the pool area?  Are do you have an indoor pool or spa already and have a humidity problem?  Have you ever wondered why in some indoor pools you can feel comfortable in the pool and when you get out of the pool and you are still wet? Did you know that you can also control the chlorine odor.  These things can be controlled with proper dehumidification and ventilation.

Indoor pools and spas are very unique in their maintenance demands. Inside these areas large amounts of moisture are released into the indoor pool room. This moisture is heavily laden with chlorine or bromine disinfectants. If this is left uncontrolled it will attack everything it comes in contact with on the inside of the structure.  This could cause mold and mildew and will eventually permeate every square inch of an indoor swimming pool facility.

There are many factors involved in sizing the proper dehumidifier(s) to your specific situation.  Some of the factors are the size of the indoor pool, the amount of water it holds, the size of the room the pool is located in, how much the pool is used, and is the room heated and cooled?  To figure this out there is a worksheet you will need to work through.  However, this worksheet might be difficult to figure out unless you are an engineer.  If that is the case you can get a hold of the folks at Professional Drying Equipment and they can help walk you through the process.

When the worksheet is completed, you will know exactly how many pounds of water you will need to remove per day to keep your pool room comfortable for years.  Once you know this then you will know the exact equipment you will need to buy.

This article was published on Friday 15 June, 2012.

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