How to Keep Garage Humidity Under Control

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Garage dehumidifiers are a fantastic option for car enthusiasts who are seeking to keep a regulated internal humidity in their storage garages. For these individuals vintage and classic cars can be extremely expensive and are subject to damage from moisture rich environments. This air control option is a vital step in ensuring that they protect their vehicles from rusting while they are being stored in the garage. Locations such as this can be prone to attracting condensation that will lead ineffectively accelerating the process of rust and corrosion and steel. The garage dehumidifiers on the market today represent an extremely effective method of controlling this excessive moisture level in the air and ultimately making a more suitable indoor air environment for the garage.

 For garage environments in particular there are two more common models of dehumidifier systems available on the market. While individuals who have a more permanent requirement will typically look to incorporate these systems into the heating ventilation and air conditioning system that exists in their storage facility. However, there are some cases that will require a more portable model to ensure that humidity is controlled effectively. Two of the popular models include refrigerant dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers.  Refrigerant dehumidifiers represent a robust yet economical and energy-efficient machine that has a large capacity for delivering high levels of drying power. It works by ultimately lowering the air temperature of the incoming air and effectively removing moisture. On the other hand there are portable desiccant dehumidifiers that are used in these applications with great success. A desiccant dehumidifier will utilize a moisture absorbing material similar to silica gel that is highly efficient in absorbing water. Once a large enough volume of water has been absorbed by this material it is then effectively heated and dispersed as water vapor outside of the area.

Finding the best garage dehumidifier to meet your specific needs does not need to be a frustrating process. There are a lot of options on the market today and it is really dependent upon your unique needs as to what would be the best model for you. Typically the more portable models do not have a large footprint and can be quickly adapted to function in tight spaces. Another key factor in determining what type of garage dehumidifier you will need is to determine exactly what level of moisture removal you are going to require. Capacity is important, as lower humidity areas will not typically need a large-scale, industrial-strength dehumidifier. Lastly, for many homeowners energy consumption is a matter of great importance and it will be essential for them to identify a properly sized unit that will be the most energy-efficient during its operation. Thankfully there are a number of highly effective units that do not use a large amount of electricity. So if you are looking for a garage dehumidifier that will accomplish all of your goals, understand your needs and you will have a much easier time identifying the most suitable option.

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This article was published on Friday 17 August, 2012.

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