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Home dehumidifiers are a simple piece of technology that can make a big impact on a family’s comfort and health. In many ways, they operate like air conditioners, but instead of cooling the house, they remove excess water vapor from the air. Controlling this value is essential, as house interiors are best suited for low levels of water vapor. This is primarily due to the presence of organic materials, like paper, drywall and cloth, throughout the house. By keeping moisture levels low, these delicate materials can be preserved, along with the family’s well-being.

Dry It Out

Clearly, the point of home dehumidifiers is to reduce moisture in the house, but how does the technology accomplish this, and why exactly is it a worthy goal? Every systems is made up of several parts, including:

  1. Compressor – The compressor is responsible for exerting pressure on a refrigerant gas which, with the help of an expansion valve, increases or decreases the temperature of the refrigerant throughout the system.
  2. Cooling Coils – The cold refrigerant, which is under low pressure, is run through a series of coils to facilitate heat exchange between the room’s ambient air and the refrigerant gas. This is similar to how air conditioners cool air inside the house, but unlike air conditioners, home dehumidifiers vent the warm air back into the room to preserve the temperature. When room-temperature air is passed over the cooling coils, it cools as well, and loses its ability to hold onto as much vapor. The result is condensation over the coils.
  3. Fans – The dehumidifier comes with fans to pull wet, ambient air into the system and to push warm, dry air back into the room.
  4. Reservoir – As water vapor condenses over the coils, it drips off and is collected in a reservoir inside the dehumidifier unit. The reservoir can be emptied occasionally to completely rid the building of collected water.

These components work together to keep the house dry, and the mechanisms are similar to those used in commercial dehumidifiers, though on a smaller scale. Some commercial dehumidifiers use desiccant materials instead of cooling coils, and these work by absorbing moisture from the air directly.

Drier Is Better

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners may seek drier conditions in their home. It may be as simple as comfort, or as serious as improved health or protection. Specifically, homeowners may consider the following:

  1. More comfortable living conditions. Between temperature and humidity, humidity has the greater impact on comfort. This is why, even when the temperature is at reasonable levels, higher levels of humidity can make it seem like it’s harder to breathe or harder to cool down. The presence of moisture in the air keeps sweat from evaporating as quickly from the skin, which makes the air feel even warmer than it really is. Taking moisture out of the air, then, can make an immediate impact on comfort, preventing that sticky feeling that often comes with high levels of humidity.
  2. Better health. Those with respiratory conditions can be badly affected by high amounts of humidity. This is especially true for people with asthma, as the presence of water vapor can exacerbate breathing difficulties. But for others, low levels of humidity can be a problem. It’s different for everyone. It’s important, then, to have a system on hand that can control the exact level of humidity in a space, ensuring that occupants don’t suffer any respiratory attacks.
  3. Protecting sensitive materials. Organic materials, like drywall and textiles, are extremely susceptible to high levels of humidity, and the proof of such is in any bathroom. Even a casual glance in any bathroom may show some growth of mildew and mold, and both can worsen breathing problems and contaminate materials beyond rescue. If humidity is not controlled, any mold growth can spread throughout the building and even cause mold growth on clothing. Dehumidifiers can make a home inhospitable to mold and mildew growth, keeping it from taking root in the first place.

Dehumidifiers are an easy solution to a frustrating problem. With a quick setup and a few programmed settings, families can keep their homes comfortable and lessen the chances of mold and mildew growth.

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