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The hi-e-dry dehumidifier has remained a popular industry choice for many contractors and service professionals who are tasked with the job of providing a portable, high-efficiency device for their humidity control and removal operations.  This system has proven itself time and time again to be one of the most efficient options that are moving up to 183 pints of water per day from the air. If you are serious about controlling an indoor environment that may contain sensitive items, this highly functional model may be the answer that you are looking for. It also features a dehumidistat controller that takes advantage of various settings from 20 up to 80%.  Ask any professional in this field and they will tell you that the level of functionality coupled with the high efficiency of the hi-e-dry dehumidifier makes it the clear winner in some of the most difficult operations.

 With its ability to pull so much water out of the air at such an effective rate of 5.9 pints per kilowatt hour, this unit can be inserted into various locations such as attics and basements and works extremely well as a swimming pool dehumidifier.  Many museums and areas that contain sensitive equipment have been known to leverage the functions available with this model. In addition to this, the device will ultimately eliminate your need for any 220 V circuits during the use of its application. This model gets its high adaptability and efficiency from the way in which it utilizes its onboard refrigeration system. When the machine is operating it will ultimately cost a lot less than other commercial units that have equal capacity. One such feature that is highly sought after is the ability of the unit to utilize ducting that can be attached on the fly. Many service professionals see this as a fantastic addition as they may be called upon to adjust the way the device operates in their current environment.

The hi-e-dry dehumidifier will continue to be one of the most cost-effective and energy saving units in use around the world. Using just a small amount of electricity, the features that this device totes make it a clear choice that requires no assembly. If there are any service individuals who are seeking to save valuable floor space while this devices operation, they will be happy to know that it’s portability and small size make it one of the best choices available. The task of bringing down the high levels of humidity regardless of the environment will continue to be on the forefront of many owners and operators mind. More and more art galleries and conservatories are considering utilizing these models on a permanent basis in order to guarantee the level of relative humidity in their rooms and spaces. Obviously, for more stringent jobs, there are other models that are able to provide different feature sets and options. It comes to a unit that has a high degree of portability while saving a surprising amount of energy, this device is in a class by itself. If you’re considering purchasing the hi-e-dry dehumidifier for your needs, compare the specs with other models. You will be surprised at the results.

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This article was published on Saturday 04 August, 2012.

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