Dessiccant, What Does it do?

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Do you have too much moisture inside a space that is cooler than 70° and want to getTrailer Mounted Desiccant Dehumidifier rid of it? Using a dessicant could be of great help. These dehumidifiers can operate in a wider temperature range than refrigerant dehumidifiers can.  It draws in excess moisture from the surrounding environment, then dries it as it passes through a wheel full of dessicant material.  Once the dessicant captures the humidity in the air, then the wheel passes through a heating unit which causes the material to release the humidity it has collected.  The humid air must then be exhausted outside the building.  The wheel will then go through a cool down period before it goes back into the humid air stream to collect more moisture.

Often, too much humidity in an indoor environment brings an uncomfortable feeling. Aside from that, it also often creates a breeding ground for mold, allergens and bacteria in the air. Dessicants can be used by many different industries to remove moisture from areas.  They are well suited for large areas because they can produce large volumes of dry air using less energy than refrigerant style units producing the same amount of dry air.

Some of the industries that we have sold some of our dessicant dehumidifiers to are chocolate manufacturers, dog food plants, health food bar manufacturing, museums, libraries, Nascar and Indy racing team facilities.  Unlike refrigerant dehumidifiers these units can function well in temperatures below 70° and so this makes them ideal for many commercial and industrial applications.  Many large petrochemical plants will also use these units when they need to dry down a large tank before sandblasting and repainting or recoating it. 

However, just as with any dehumidifier you should have the dessicant sized correctly to the space and application.  If this step is overlooked by the buyer or figured incorrectly then you will probably not be satisfied with the outcome.  Depending on your application and size of the area to be dried you will need between 2 – 8 air changes an hour to keep the humidity at a level where you will be satisfied with the results.  If you don’t know how to size a dehumidifier to your specific application then chances are you will either end up spending too much money for a dehumidifier that is too big or buy one that is too small to accomplish the job that you need it to.

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This article was published on Friday 17 May, 2013.

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