Containment, Why it's important?


Containment: Why it’s important?

Having containment on a water damage job can really assist you in getting the structure dried quickly and thoroughly.  There are many ways to create a containment barrier and even some systems engineered for just this job such as the Phoenix Quick Chamber.  Whether you are using a containment system or you create your own it doesn’t really matter.  The important this is that it works.

Putting up containment in a structure will eliminate the unaffected parts of the structure from your drying chamber.  This will help reduce the amount of drying equipment needed on a particular job and will also help speed up the drying process.  There are some factors that could alter that thought and you will need to be aware of those.  People occupying the area while drying is taking place, is one of the biggest problems with trying to have a secure drying chamber.  The constant opening and closing of the containment barrier or if it gets left open will slow the job down. 

Another factor affecting your containment barrier is if there is an air conditioning return vent located inside the drying chamber.  If so, then every time the air conditioner comes on then you will be sending lots of your dry air through the air conditioner and out into other parts of the structure.  If you are unaware of this happening and don’t take steps to eliminate that issue then you could be drying the entire structure and be under dehumidified.

However, properly set up containment can provide you with really quick dry times and allow you to save items within a structure that other restoration companies can’t.  This will set you apart from the competition which is why containment barriers are important.

This article was published on Wednesday 09 October, 2013.

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