Choosing A Storage Dehumidifier Correctly

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A storage dehumidifier can help protect your valuable belongings when they are in storage.  This store room could be in an office, home, or in a rental storage space.  No matter where it is if there are sensitive items in your space you might need to protect them by investing in a dehumidifier.  A dehumidifier is an appliance that removes water from the air.  These units can prevent high humidity from ruining items that are being stored for a while and also help protect the building itself from mold and mildew.  However, not all these units are created equal.  Some units like low grain refrigerants (LGR) or desiccant units are made to pull more water than a standard or commercial refrigerant unit.  An LGR and a desiccant will also pull more water than a HVAC unit.  So if the unit is already climate controlled you will not be doing any good if you buy a standard or commercial refrigerant unit.  

A storage dehumidifier should also be sized correctly to the space you are trying to control the humidity in.  There are several factors involved in determining the correct storage dehumidifier to buy.  These would include such things as cubic footage of air in the space, the type of items being stored, the number of people in the space and for how long each day, and also if the space will be opened to the outdoors for any length of time at all.  If you are unsure how to properly size a storage dehumidifier to the space it is best to call a supplier who does this all the time.  Since there are many factors that need to be considered before you decide on a particular unit you need to make sure this step is done correctly.  If it is not done correctly you will not be happy with the performance of the unit and it will be a waste of your money.  When sized properly your new unit will accomplish the goals you want it to and keep your stored items safe in a low humidity environment.

These units will only require minimal maintenance for years of dependable service.  The maintenance will include regular air filter replacements.  If the storage dehumidifier is on all the time it will need the filter replaced once a month at least.  Depending on whether you choose a desiccant or refrigerant unit you might also need to clean out the condensate pump or rinse out the silica gel desiccant wheel once a year.  Doing these simple things will help ensure that you have years of dependable service.

A storage dehumidifier when properly sized to the space will make the space safe to store whatever you need to. 

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This article was published on Sunday 19 August, 2012.

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