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Shopping for a commercial warehouse dehumidifier is a huge decision for any business or company.  There are many considerations such as climate, size of facility.  You also need to consider what is in the facility itself.  A manufacturing plant with workers and machinery would require professionally installed climate control and air filter systems that suit your specific needs.  Large operations like this should be consulted and bid by a professional heating and cooling contractor.  These larger units are usually paired into existing duct work to maximize airflow and moisture removal.

Smaller warehouses and storage areas may only require an “in room” or portable dehumidifier, depending on your square footage and climate. When deciding on a warehouse dehumidifier, there are a few more factors to consider.  The type of dehumidifier needed, will depend on the size of your facility, your climate, whether or not you have air conditioning or existing climate control.

Things that make climate control much more difficult are cargo docks, big open doors, and lack of air conditioning. Check the dock doors and dock levelers. Can you see any daylight when they are closed?  Have them sealed off with weather stripping or brushes to block any leaks. This also goes for any holes in the walls that would allow entry into the storeroom. Seal them good. Removing moisture from the inside air will certainly prevent damage to your merchandise, and greatly reduce the amount of mold and mildew, but more importantly, protect your investment from moisture-related damage.

The smaller portable units are much more versatile, and are ideal for small storerooms, supply rooms, data centers, and storage rooms that stay closed and don't get much air circulation.

Compared to home units, Industrial devices are much larger and durable in construction.  Commercial units operate much better in extreme hot or cold climates, and have the capacity to cover a much larger area than a portable unit. When shopping for an industrial or commercial unit, it's important to know your facility.  Many times a contractor will need to come bid the job and installation.  The most important things they will need to know are your square footage and what you currently have installed for climate control.

Cleanliness can also be a huge factor in moisture and air quality. How clean you keep your warehouse is a matter of personal preference.  Your facility needs to be organized to maximize airflow.  It's important to have aisles that are clear of obstructions, not only for airflow, but to keep you safe from inventory, and heavy equipment that could be moving around inside. For the sake of worker respiratory health, warehouses shouldn’t be dusty or moldy, either. A great way to keep things tidy and clean is to implement a rule that each employee is responsible for cleaning their assigned zone. They should be responsible for identifying potential hazards, and keeping their area organized. These duty's should include sweeping the floor and dusting.

With over 145,000 employee's working in storerooms across the country, there are many standards and regulations when workers are concerned.  If the facility is only storing old car engines, the humidity may not be as big an issue.

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This article was published on Monday 03 September, 2012.

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