Will a basement dehumidifier help?

Winter is coming fast, and having a basement dehumidifier will help make your house feel much more comfortable by removing moisture from the air, which makes us feel much less chilled to the bone.  There are some important things to consider when purchasing a dehumidifier for your home.  Look for units that are free standing, and that have the capacity to suit your square footage and climate.  You may need a more powerful unit if you live in a hot, cold or particularly damp climate.  Many smaller home sized units come with built in caster wheels so you may easily transport them around your home. If the space you will be putting the unit in will be below 70 degrees then you will need to either add some heat or buy a desiccant dehumidifier rather than a refrigerant one.  Any refrigerant dehumidifier becomes really inefficient below 70 degrees.  Some important features to look for are: auto shut-off function to prevent water from overflowing and automatic restart capability so the unit will come back on following a power outage. Other important features to recognize are:

How much water can it remove every 24 hours?

Is an air filter included

Does the unit have a digital display or remote control ?

Does it have multiple fan speeds (low, medium, and high)?

Does the unit have an automatic shut off ?

After  you install your basement dehumidifier, if you are not “feeling dry enough”.  Some possible solutions could be:   Make sure the fan speed is at it’s highest setting.  You will also want to make sure you place the dehumidifier away from any drapes, couches or anything else that could obstruct it’s airflow.  The unit will not work properly unless all windows and doors are closed and secure. However, sizing the unit properly to the space is the most important thing you can do.

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