How To Choose a Warehouse Dehumidifier

Pool dehumidifier but also for libraries, museums, warehouses, garages, storage buildings, and moreStoring sensitive items in a space without a warehouse dehumidifier would not be a good idea.  Warehouses can be used to run hobby activities, store precious antiques, or temporarily store sensitive items before shipping to their final destination.  When these items need to be stored in a low humidity environment it may be necessary to purchase a warehouse dehumidifier that will effectively control the moisture in the space.

Choosing one of these units needs to be done properly so that it will actually be able to handle the amount of moisture in the space.  Whether you ultimately decide to buy a low grain refrigerant (LGR) or a desiccant unit it should be sized properly to the amount of air you have in the space.  To do this take the cubic footage (length x width x height) of the entire space.  When calculating the cubic footage it is important that you include any additional areas that will be open to the area you want dried.  Then look for a dehumidifier that can process the air 2-3 times per hour.  In most warehouse scenarios this will be enough.  However, there are other factors that you may need to consider too, such as is the space climate controlled, how many people will be in there at a time, what is being done inside the space, and if the space has large doors that will be open to the outside even part of the time, you might consider a larger unit.  Any time the doors to the outside will be open then all the dry air you have created will be gone in a matter of seconds, not minutes or hours.  If you are expecting the unit you purchase to be able to keep up while large amounts of outside air are coming in to the space you have unreal expectations.

If you have questions about sizing a unit correctly to your space with your specific needs look for a dealer that can help you figure out the right size for your warehouse dehumidifier.

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