Trying to Dry a Walk-in Gun Safe

We get some unusual calls here at Professional Drying Equipment.  JustDehumidifier the other day we got a call from a guy looking to purchase a dehumidifier for a walk-in, fully air conditioned gun safe.  Now this thing was big and it was located inside a gun store.  The problem was it had high humidity inside the safe during the times of day that it was closed.  This was causing some issues with the things inside the safe.  We figured out what size and type of dehumidifier would be best for them based on some simple questions we ask.  Now the customer is enjoying the benefits of their new dehumidifier.

So if you have an odd situation where high humidity is an issue, feel free to give us a call or email and we can help you work through the process of buying the correct dehumidifier for your needs.



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