Portable Fans

If you are in the market to buy portable fans then you will need to do your homework on them first.  Since there are so many different styles, models, and manufacturers it is best to know exactly what you will be wanting the unit to do and then go find one with your specifications.

First have a plan for where the portable fans are going, how they are going to be used, if there is enough electricity in the area to operate them, and where you are going to store them when not in use.  Once you have a basic idea of the type of unit you are looking for then you can start shopping.

Start shopping by looking for all the models that give you the required cfm of air you are looking for and the desired amp load.  Once you have narrowed down your selections to a few then you can choose from the different options and price.  Some options you may not have even thought about but come in handy are things like being able to daisy chain units together, ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI) protection, onboard circuit breaker, roto-molded plastic housing, and a 20 foot long electrical cord.  Selecting portable fans with all or some of these features will give your units more flexibility in what you can  do with them.  So think about the different options and see what is out there before purchasing.  Buying the right equipment the first time is a lot better than having a piece of equipment you are not happy with.

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