Portable Air Conditioning


Portable Air Conditioning

Portable air conditioning can be a real nice thing in many parts of the world.  A central unit may not always be the most practical approach to cooling a certain area.  These small cooling units offer a great alternative for a garage, work room, storage area, or any other area that is about 400 – 500 square feet.

A portable air conditioning unit usually comes with some wheels or casters for easy moving.  This way when the unit is not in use you can move it somewhere out of the way.  These units are usually small enough that they can be moved around by one person.  These units can also remove many gallons of water from the air per day and because of this they come with an onboard pump that will expel the water collected out a 30 foot long tube.


Portable Air Conditioning

Another benefit of these cooling units is they are ductable.  So you could set the unit in another room and duct the warm, moist air back to the machine for cooling and then duct the cool dry air back to the desired room.  This would keep the unit out of view and lessen any noise level of the machine.  This gives you a lot of flexibility in how the machine can be used.

All in all, a portable air conditioning unit can be a real benefit in certain scenarios where permanent units are not a viable option.

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