LGR Dehumidifiers

LGR dehumidifiers are more efficient than standard or commercial grade refrigerant units.  Those other units cannot get the specific humidity as low as LGR dehumidifiers can.  This makes them the ideal choice for water restoration professionals, basements, indoor pools, and many other applications.

Standard and commercial dehumidifiers can only get the specific humidity or grains per pound down to 55 – 60. These units operate in the same fashion as a home air conditioner would. So if your air conditioning unit is working correctly and you still have a high humidity issue then it may not benefit you to buy a standard or commercial unit that can only do as good as your air conditioner.  This is where low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers can really help.

LGR dehumidifiers will take the specific humidity down to between 30 – 32 grains.  Plus during short periods of time they can even go lower.  This makes these units ideal for many applications that require lots of dry air.

What makes these units achieve such low grains is how the air passes through a double cooling process.  This means that the unit either passes the air over two sets of coils or directs the air over two separate spots on the same coil.  This allows the unit to pre-cool the air getting it closer to the dew point and then when it goes over the coil the second time it can drop even more moisture.  This is why standard or commercial grade units that only pass the air over the coil once cannot pull as much moisture as low grain refrigerant units.

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