Installing a Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Having a swimming pool dehumidifier in your indoor pool area may not seem as exciting as having a diving board or a hot tub but it can be more necessary for the comfort of the occupants of the room.  It can also help prevent rust, decay, or even mold from forming and destroying the beauty and function the room was intended for.  They can also be hidden from view in an equipment closet and have duct work to and from the unit to keep the area at a comfortable and safe humidity level.

However, a swimming pool dehumidifier is only effective if it is sized correctly to the space that you want controlled.  Don’t trust a dehumidifier salesman that just ask for the amount of water in the pool and then tries to sale you a unit based on that.  It is infinitely more complicated than that and usually requires the services of an engineer.   However, some equipment distributors will let you talk with an engineer for free to make sure that you get the proper equipment.  Having a dehumidifier may not be the only thing that you need either.  You may also need an exhaust fan to put a slight amount of negative pressure on the area.  This will help with removing several pounds of moisture per hour and help reduce or eliminate the chlorine smell in the area.

When you put it all together (swimming pool dehumidifier and exhaust fan) and have it all properly sized to the air space in the room then you should be able to enjoy the space for years to come.

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