Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

Having an indoor pool dehumidifier can make the experience of owning a pool more enjoyable.  Without some kind of way to remove the moisture from the room there would be all kinds of problems with mold and deterioration of building materials not to mention how uncomfortable it would be for the occupants of the room.

Sizing an indoor pool dehumidifier correctly to the space is the key to having it function properly for you.  Many people will only ask you the size of the pool and then tell you that xyz unit will control the humidity effectively for you.  While they may get lucky occasionally it is actually a lot more difficult than that.   A good equipment supplier can help you with this.  There are many things that go into the calculations such as size of pool, the size of the room, the temperature of the room, whether the room is climate controlled already, does the room have a negative exhaust fan, how often is the pool used and by how many people at a time, and many other factors.  An equipment supplier that deals with this on a daily basis will be able to either help you themselves or get you in touch with an engineer, usually at no charge, to walk you through the process of determining the correct amount of water removal needed per hour.  This way you can get the proper amount of dehumidification and negative exhaust air to keep the area comfortable whether you are in the pool or just getting out of it.

When sizing an indoor pool dehumidifier it is important to make sure that it is sized correctly to space for years of comfort and worry-free use.

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