How to Clean and Care for a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers will run for years if they are properly dehumidifiermaintained and cared for.  It’s not complicated but is often overlooked.  By doing a little maintenance from time to time you will not only extend the life of the dehumidifier but you will help keep it functioning at full capacity.

First are the filters.  The filter in your dehumidifier should be changed often.  Just like the filter in your air conditioner unit it needs changing from time to time.  This will help keep the coils cleaner and allow you more time in between full cleanings.

Then you will eventually need to clean the coils, in the case of a refrigerant unit, or the desiccant material, in the case of a desiccant dehumidifier.   Both can be done fairly easily and will help keep the efficiency of the unit high.  After all if you own a dehumidifier don’t you want it to function at a high level.

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