There are many situations where a dehumidifier is needed to control the humidity in a space.  Whether it is in your home, an indoor pool space, basement, manufacturing facility,  or other commercial and industrial application there is a dehumidifier to fit your specific needs.

There are two main types of units used in all these different applications.  They are refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers.  Refrigerant type units work similar to an air conditioner.  Air passes over cold refrigeration coils causing condensation.   The water then drips down into a pump so it can be put down a drain.  Another more advanced style of refrigerant units are called low grain refrigerants (LGR).  LGR’s will either pass the air over two separate coils or over two different parts of the same coil.  This type of unit is highly efficient and can pull more water out of the air than standard refrigerants. Most refrigerants work between 70° – 90° however there are a few that will work efficiently up to 120°. Also, even though most manufacturers will tell you that their refrigerants will work down to 33° their efficiency is greatly reduced below 70°.

The other main type of unit is a desiccant.  Desiccant units work by pulling air over an absorbent material and then it goes out the units as dry air.  The absorbent material is then heated up inside the unit which causes it to release the moisture in the form of a gas and it is generally exhausted outdoors. These type units generally process large volumes of air which makes them a great choice for large areas such as commercial and industrial applications.


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