Deciding on a Warehouse Dehumidifier

When deciding on a warehouse dehumidifier, there are a few factors to consider.  The type of dehumidifier needed, will depend on the size of your facility, your climate, and the installed hardware features of the warehouse, like does the warehouse have climate control such as air conditioning.

Excess moisture in your warehouse will cause mold, mildew and maybe even water damage.. Dehumidifiers also filter the indoor air, and stop the spread of allergens.  Units can vary in capacity, coverage area, and features.  Single room dehumidifiers control humidity in small- to medium-sized rooms. Commercial units eliminate moisture throughout your entire facility and can be integrated into your existing ductwork.

In climates where humidity is a big issue, a larger or more efficient unit will be needed.  Many commercial climate control systems have dehumidifier’s built in.  A final consideration is the actual goods being stored.   Fine art would need much more sophisticated units as compared to a warehouse storing junk automobiles or a manufacturing plant.

Poor insulation, large cargo docks and doors, and not having air conditioning often result in extreme temperatures and high humidity. Dehumidifying will alleviate these problems, prevent damage to your equipment, and stop mold and mildew. The best solution is to install a warehouse dehumidifier to help you maintain healthy humidity and protect your investment from moisture-related damage.

There are a few different types of units.  Portable units are much more versatile, and are ideal for warehouses, storerooms, computer data centers, locker rooms, basements, even boats.

Industrial warehouse dehumidifiers are rugged in construction, operate in hot or low temperatures, and cover a large square foot area.  They also produce much more airflow and tall open spaces.  These units are also very effective at removing large quantities of water from the air. When shopping for an industrial or commercial dehumidifier, look for models with automatic humidity control and continuous  drainage. It’s also important to know your square footage and ceiling height to assure you chose an appropriate unit.

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