Commercial Dehumidifier

There are many styles, sizes, and amounts of water removal when comparing commercial dehumidifiers in the market.  So how do you decide which model you need when you are looking for one to purchase?  This all depends on the amount of air you have to be dried, what goes on in the space you are drying, and many other factors.

If you are in doubt before purchasing we recommend a free consultation with a drying professional that can assist you in making the correct purchase.  Many distributors will help you with this for free and some will even have an engineer to help in the process.  However, here are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a commercial dehumidifier.

First is the amount of air to be dried.  This is probably the most crucial step and one that most people get wrong.  Say you want to dry a large room, you measure the room but you forgot about including the space on the staircase and the air upstairs above the room.  All this has to be included since it is open to the downstairs large room you are wanting dried.   So when you are looking at your space make sure to include all areas adjacent to the area you are wanting dried.

Next thing to look at is, what happens in this space?  By this I mean is there an indoor pool, is it a commercial kitchen, or are you painting cars.  All of these can put lots of humidity into the air that will need to be controlled but you are probably going to need more dehumidification in an indoor pool than you will in a place that paints cars.

Choosing the correct commercial dehumidifier can be challenging and is usually better off left to the experts.  So seek help before purchasing one.  This way you can know that you choose the correct unit the first time and not have any buyer’s remorse.

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