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Using Heat When Drying

Using Heat When Drying Produces Quick Results Time is critical when restoring water damaged structures, so many restoration companies are considering using heat when drying. There‚Äôs nothing revolutionary about the concept, but for restoration professionals, it holds a lot of … Continue reading

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6 Things To Think About When Buying An Industrial Garage Fan

Industrial Garage Fans are Built for Speed and Built to Last An industrial garage fan is built to optimize cooling, drying, ventilation and cleaning. These heavy duty fans are built with heavier gauge metals, superior bearings and longer lasting motors, … Continue reading

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What Is An Electronic Air Cleaner

What is an electronic air cleaner used for? Electronic air cleaners, often referred to as air scrubbers, efficiently remove all manner of air contaminants from a space. Though they can be permanently installed in buildings to maintain air quality, they … Continue reading

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Important Considerations For Dehumidifiers For Country Clubs, Indoor Pools, And Fitness Centers

Why should consumers consider using dehumidifiers at locations such as country clubs, indoor pools, and fitness centers? What benefits do dehumidifiers bring to the table in these locations in particular? These are good questions and not at all uncommon, particularly … Continue reading

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What Is The Process Of Dehumidification?

No one likes humid conditions. As the air becomes saturated with water vapor, it can feel oppressive, make it difficult to keep cool and make it tough to breathe. Humidity is particularly troublesome for people with respiratory conditions, and it … Continue reading

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