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Phoenix 1200 Portable Desiccant DehumidifierAir dryers or dehumidifiers can be useful for many applications where moisture is a problem.  Having been in the drying industry since 1992, I have seen many different applications for these units.  So I thought I would list a few of them to show the wide variety of applications they function well in.

First is obviously water damage situations.  Over the years I have dried 10 story office buildings, museums, chemical plants, The Toyota Center (where the Houston Rockets play), dog food manufacturing plants, historical homes, brand new homes, and many other places due to busted pipes or rising flood waters.  However these are not the only times an air dryer is needed.

I have also sold units to car racing teams who need to control humidity while painting a car or storing tools. Then there was the health food bar manufacturer that needed low humidity so his building wouldn’t sweat when large batches of product came out of a hot oven into a cold room.  Indoor pools in homes, hotels, and gyms need specialized knowledge of dehumidifiers to ensure the unit they buy will function the way they want it to for a long time.  There was also a sugar manufacturer that needed rail cars dehumidified before they pumped sugar into them.  This way the sugar would stay in granular form during transport and not be a big solid block.  Basements, whether in a home or an office always need some kind of humidity control and we have helped many people with these issues.

So the next time you have a humidity problem, remember there are people that can help you solve those issues with free consultations.

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