Drying a Wood Floor

Wood floor drying

Wood Floor Drying

Drying a wood floor can be very intimidating to most people.  However it doesn’t have to be.  In Houston we see plenty of wood floors up on screeds and have dried hundreds of them.  Over the years we have tried many different techniques but the one we always come back to is demonstrated in the photo to the right.  By removing one board on one side of the room and another small one on the opposite side of the room we can force air under the floor and dry the entire floor.

Another thing we like to do is to pump the hot dry air from a dehumidifier under the floor.  This could also be done with one of the many heat drying type units on the market today.  To do this though you need to have the correct style of air movers.How to dry a wood floor

Drying a wood floor
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