Axial Air Mover

There are two types of air movers used by restoration professionals, the centrifugal and the axial air mover.  These two types of fans do the bulk of the work for restoration companies.  However, the axial has many advantages over the centrifugal.

The axial air mover can blow two to three times more air than centrifugal fans and can typically use half the electricity.  This means that a restoration company can use more fans on a job when using these because each one uses less electricity. By placing these units directly on wet walls in the structure, the structure will dry faster and more thoroughly.  These fans can also be placed in the center of the room facing down to dry the carpet and subflooring.

There are also features on the fans that you will want to look for when choosing a particular brand to buy.  Look for a lit plug end, to know that you have power coming from the outlet. Then look for daisy chaining option, GFCI outlet on the fan, light to let you know it is working in low light conditions, and a breaker.  It should also come with an easy way to wrap a cord and an optional stand to be able to face it straight down.  These options can be very beneficial when working in a water damage situation.

So when deciding to purchase one of these two fans remember the benefits of having a fleet of axial air movers outweighs the extra cost of the unit.

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