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Air movers are used extensively for construction and restoration type activities. In addition to these activities, axial air movers are utilized heavily by remediation companies who deal with water damage. These heavy-duty air movers are fantastic when drying carpet, drywall, and many other surfaces that may be damaged by flood or excessive moisture. In addition to the use of fans, remediation specialist will tend to use these in conjunction with dehumidifiers. The dehumidifier will be able to remove the excess humidity from the air while the air mover will effectively circulate the air around the space. Increased airflow in conjunction with a dehumidifier can create the perfect environment to improve evaporation.

These devices are continually used in many different sized rooms and are perfect when dealing with confined spaces that require added ventilation. The larger models feature 1 hp motors that will guarantee maximum airflow through the space. These also have multiple speed settings that will allow you to regulate airflow and noise level. The higher speeds will be perfect for those spaces that are large or in need of rapid circulation.  One of the great features of using a fan of this style is its portability. Not only are these units highly portable but also their construction is top quality. They are built to last and are constructed with extremely durable materials that will prevent serious damage from regular use.  Their portability also helps when having to move from jobsite to jobsite. The most important feature is the enhanced rate of airflow. By comparison, axial air movers are better designed to maximize airflow over a wide area. This is helpful when searching for the most appropriate angle and positioning when in use.

Axial air movers have proven to be a tremendous asset to many cleaning and restoration businesses. Working with dehumidifiers, these units are very effective in moving the air while lowering the level of humidity. These units are not strictly for professional use only. Property owners will be surprised by the effectiveness of these units in providing airflow when needed. For individuals who live in areas that experience heavy rains or natural disasters such as hurricanes, having a fan can greatly assist in drying areas that have been impacted by water. Water damage can pose a whole host of problems to a structure.  The last thing a homeowner wants to have to deal with is a mold problem that is a result of water damage. By having many axial air movers at your disposal, you will be able to move quickly to address the situation and begin drying the environment back to its normal moisture content. The end result will be the prevention of mold growth and its associated risk factors. If you own a restoration business or if you’re in the market for an effective air moving system, the axial air mover will be a huge asset to you or your business. These units have been designed with quality in mind and are relied upon by many professionals across the US.

This article was published on Wednesday 18 July, 2012.

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